Car Accidents

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Contacting a Personal Injury attorney that specializes in car accidents is the best way to determine if you have a case and to understand what crucial steps you may need to take to ensure you get the money you deserve. We are dedicated to serving or clients and community in Metro Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia!

LawyersCome2U is Dedicated to doing the following for You:

  • Setting up the best Medical Care for your Injuries: No Health Insurance? No Problem!
  • Thorough and unrelenting investigation of all negligent parties to your claim
  • Aggressively fighting the insurance companies for any and all compensation you deserve, including but not limited to: medical bills, lost wages, economic loss,  and pain and suffering
  • Taking your case to trial: We will not settle for less than you deserve!
  • And most of all, compassionate and caring customer service: Our lawyers return your calls and emails!

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Car Accidents

Please Do Not Go At It Alone! Hire A Law Firm That Has  The Know-How To Navigate Your Injury Claim!

Why should you call an injury attorney at LawyersCome2U if you have been involved in a car accident? Because insurance companies will try to settle your accident claim quickly for less than it is actually worth. Do not give in to the pressure. Get a free consultation and speak to us first!

We were founded based upon the principle that every individual deserves to have representation equal to that of corporations, insurance companies, and government agencies. In every case, our team is dedicated to leveling the playing field by aggressively fighting for your rights to achieve your goals.

No matter what type of case brings you to us, we understand that it can have a huge impact on your life, so when you hire us, you will have dedicated individuals who are familiar with your individual legal needs.

The decisions you make in the approaching hours are going to be critical.  You need the right answers to make the right decisions, right away. Our Lawyers have the knowledge to give you those answers and the team resources to bring every option and legal tool to your case. Providing effective, aggressive investigation and representation is our mission so you can focus on healing and move forward with your life.

Our firm treats each client as a member of our family. To that end, we make ourselves extremely accessible via phone, e-mail, and in-person appointments.

Call us today now or fill out our online free consultation contact form and we will send a lawyer your way immediately.

Car Accident Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia Who Are On Your Side. 

Car accidents in Metro Atlanta and throughout Georgia happen fast and often have serious consequences. In an instant, your life can change forever. One minute you might find yourself traveling along U.S. Highway 85 or Expressway 285. The next minute, you’re faced with serious injuries, skyrocketing medical bills, and the prospect of missing work for an extended period of time. You might know that the accident wasn’t your fault. Many serious car crashes are caused by careless or negligent drivers. You need someone to protect your rights and help you get the compensation and closure you deserve.

That’s why you need LawyersCome2U! Our experienced accident attorneys have a track record of success in winning compensation for our clients. We’re not afraid to take on big insurance companies or to dig deep into the cause of your accident. We’re not afraid to stand up for your rights and fight for you. We leave no stone unturned and will litigate your case until we win at trial!

A serious Atlanta Car Accident Calls for a Serious Law Firm. Maximize Your Personal Injury Compensation by teaming up with our Injury Lawyers

A car accident in Metro Atlanta can result in serious injuries. LawyersCome2U has the experience, aggressive team and winning resources to provide auto accident victims throughout the state the justice they deserve through winning compensation through maximum settlements and jury awards. Before you accept any settlement with the insurance company, contact our lawyers now! You may be entitled to more financial compensation than the insurance company is offering.

Atlanta Car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere



Car accidents can happen anytime we are behind the wheel — during a routine drive to work or the grocery store or on a long-distance trip to visit far-away friends or family. Wherever or whenever a car accident occurs, it’s never a good time or a good place. We understand how an automobile accident can turn your life upside-down. But you have the power to take back control of your life: A determined advocate with our firm can help you explore your legal options.

Insurance companies will put a lot of time and resources into minimizing the compensation paid to those who sustained car accident injuries. They will employ adjusters, investigators and attorneys to make sure they pay as little as possible for a victim’s losses. Always talk to a skilled Atlanta car accident lawyer at LawyersCome2U before making any statement to the insurance company representative.

Experienced representation for car accident injury victims

When you or a loved one sustains a car accident injury, it can turn your whole life upside-down. An accident can result in a range of injuries, from minor to catastrophic. But even minor injuries from a car accident can make you unable to work, care for dependents, or live a life free from pain. A rear-end collision may result in painful injuries that endure for months or even years.

The following are a few common car accident injuries:

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